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Types of seminars

The basic seminar Discovering Inner Potential (Objevování vnitřních rezerv) lasts a whole weekend.

Out of 20 hours of the seminar you will spend nearly 9 hours doing practical exercise, learning alpha techniques, which are important for achieving you goal.

After the basic seminar you can attend follow-on Rainbow Journey (Duhová cesta). The seminar elaborates on your knowledge, evaluates individual parts and expands on the amount of techniques for practical use. An important part of this seminar is the feedback shared by the preceding participants. Many gain more confidence and really start using the techniques in their everyday life after taking this seminar.

In some of these seminars you can prove yourself your abilities by walking the fire (walking on hot ashes bare footed). It is not necessary to have taken the seminar itself to participate in this part. We give this opportunity to participants of other similar seminars or anybody interested. We learn how to develop control of ourselves with full concentration. We experience what it is like to really BE and free ourselves of our subconscious fears.

For those interested in further personal development we offer a weekend seminar on Communication and working with people. This seminar is designed for those who want to better understand themselves and those around them, and improve their communication with the closest ones as well as at school or wok. It is an advantage to have previously taken the basic seminar but it is not inevitable.

When NASA did tests with team of astronauts in the space, it was discovered that communication in Alpha is the fastest and he most effective because it occurs immediately and without disturbances. It has been also our experience that knowing these techniques makes our communication much easier.

In summer we also organize a week of recreation, seminar called From The Inside In (Zevnitř dovnitř). The seminar takes place in the country and we work on our development and can go much deeper. We live through our experiences as we improve and deepen them. And finally, as it has been a wish of our participants, we created a follow-on of this seminar, From The Inside Out (Zevnitř ven).

We can also organize tailor-made seminars for groups (usually about 20 people) based on our particular interest.

Get in touch with us o find a suitable solution.

Who participates?

Any mentally healthy people can take seminars of ULURU s.r.o. regardless of their nationality, age, political or religious allegiance, colour of skin etc. Development of our natural abilities in Alpha is simple and does not require any special intelligence.

If you want and you understand spoken word, you will learn and gain exactly what you need from the source of your sub consciousness at the very moment.

We also teach the basic seminar in a version for children. It is suitable for most children aged approximately 7 to 12 years, the oldest participants being also their grand parents in their eighties. We especially recommend to bring also your partner, husband or wife. It has been our experience hat his is very helpful for our growth.

Even you can reach success.

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