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A little bit about our lecturers

Our basic rule is to HELP YOU TO HELP YOURSELVES. We do not want to just feed you fish, we want to teach you fishing. If we tried to solve your problems we would make you disabled, weak and dependent on help from others. But if you once learn the right way you will always have tools to achieve anything you really desire. We will share the best we know and can.

Looking forward to seeing you.


PhDr. Dana Linkeschová, CSc. - the founder of Uluru s.r.o.


She studied the Faculty of Arts and Pedagogical Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc. She studied many post gradual courses and seminars in the fields of ethics, aesthetics, pedagogy, and so called soft skills.

She worked for 10 years as a university teacher at the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University in Brno teaching ethics in medicine.

She was an instructor for Christine Harvey Business Training Centre in he areas of motivation, sales, marketing and rhetoric. She has also experience as an instructor for outdoor activities at Holiday School of Lipnice (Outward Bound), which is known for the teamwork under demanding and non-traditional conditions. She holds prestigious Scout's Gilwell Wooden Badges.

She started working in the field of NLP and positive thinking as an instructor for Zlata Mysl Liberec, in 1994. She is a member of International Association of Reiki and the Association for businesswomen and managers. She has gained her experience work and study stays not only in Europe but also in Australia, Russia, Chechnya, Kazakhstan, the USA or Thailand.

At the moment, she works as a senior lecturer at Brno University of Technology, Department of Economy and Management. She teaches theory of management and personal management. She specialises in pedagogy and teaching methods, psychology, communication and motivation, working with people. She is married and has three children.

Mobile: +420 603 42 43 44

Luděk Knittl, BSc. MA.


Lecturer in the area of communication and personal development. He has been engaged in the field of NLP and positive thinking since 1994, and has acquired his knowledge and experience by working with numerous Czech and international lecturers in the area of personal development. For many years he cooperated with the International Association of Reiki. He has been a lecturer for Uluru s.r.o. since its foundation.

Luděk currently lives in the UK where he works as a Lector in Czech at the University of Sheffield, and is undertaking doctoral research. He also works as an interpreter and translator. Previously, he has tought English as a foreign langiuage and also worked as a tour manager and guide for British travel operators.

email: l.knittl@sheffield.ac.uk

MgA. Michal Kubáč


Graduate from Pardubice Conservatoire, he is now a student of Janacek's Academy of Music Arts in Brno. He actively organizes and co-creates our seminars, some of which he leads.

mobile: +420 605 10 67 50

Instructors and Organizers (at least some of them)

Jiří Holub

Manager of a castle in Western Bohemia.

ing. Marie Skálová

Financial advisor.

Drahomíra Svobodová

Pottery maker, dog-fancier.

Ing. Helena Foltýnková

She has studied the international relations and diplomacy in Prague and economy in Brno. At the moment she's working for Brno International Business School as an PR manager. With her past experiences in DHL (various positions), CSA (cabin attendant, purser) and scout leadership she's a great person in the team.

Mgr. Milan Linkesch

Is Helena's twin brother and is doing the scout group leader up to these days. He has finished the Faculty of sport studies in Brno, has competed (quite successfully) in whitewater canoeing and one of his hobbies are high rope elements (he used to build them as a part-time job while studying). He's playing guitar, piano, saxophone and sometimes is stealing panflute from his sister :-) In his past he's had the cabin attendant for CSA experience as well (but significantly shorter) and nowadays is living in Toronto, Canada.

Doc. PhDr. Štěpán Koláček, CSc.

Retired university professor.

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